ESPRESSO BAR is the specialty coffee from EDOR CAFFE, with full dark roast, which offer the typical flavour of the particular region, eg. Ethiopia, Tanzania and Vietnam.

ESPRESSO BAR has been created to prepare a perfect Espresso, with the right balance between sweetness and acidity.



ESPRESSO ORO combine the interaction of various origins within a unique blend. It represent the harmony of aromas, the balance of acidity and mildness.

ESPRESSO ORO is a special blend made from the finest Robusta and the best Arabica from Brazil and the Central America. Unique aroma and full flavour of classic Espresso.


Espresso Top

ESPRESSO TOP 100% is a delicious blend made from the best Arabica green coffee. 

The five elements to identify the essence of our ESPRESSO TOP 100% combine the interaction of various origins within a unique blend. 

A great luxury Espresso.


Don Alfonso

DON ALFONSO is our selected ground coffee, packed in a 250g vacuum bag and protected with an elegant black box. 

DON ALFONSO is a perfect coffee blend to use with the classical moka pot, to obtain a special coffee cup as made in your coffee bar.

A real Italian coffee.

OCS (Office Coffee Service)


EDOR CAFFE is able to supply any type of coffee machine, for professional use or for home and office market.
We distribute paper pod coffee machine for ESE system and coffee machine for FAP capsules.


Coffee Screening

We can supply specialty coffee beans using a selection of the best green monorigin coffee, especially selected from Central And South American production.

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